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For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.
-Philippians 1:21

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Anonymous said: Your answer to the "once saved, always saved" question doesn't make sense to me; those texts don't seem to support it. Yes, all sin was covered on the cross if you believe and ask for forgiveness. But what if you stop believing? If a person who was a Christian doesn't live their life anymore as a Christian, doesn't believe in God anymore, doesn't want to? It doesn't make sense that they'd still he saved just because they had once in their past


Please don’t take this as an attack. I’m looking forward to a counter from you here where you can support your position. Those scriptures specifically state that when you believe you recieve the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit in you guarantees your inheritance (ie forgiveness/heaven/sonship/etc).

Now if you have the Holy Spirit in you, who is growing you and strengthening you, how do you just stop believing? I’ve had periods of my life that I didn’t want to live the “Christian” lifestyle, but I never once doubted the grace of God, I just valued other things ahead of Him. I’m on the view that a lot of people call themselves Christians, behave like Christians, know about God and His sacrifice/grace but don’t really believe it. Like I said in the other post, when you believe with your heart, things change. I just cannot fathom a situation where I could just stop believing.

How about 2 Cor 5:17. Being in Christ makes us a New Creation. If we’ve been made new, how then do we go back to being the Old thing. God’s old testament presence has often been fire. At the day of pentecost when the disciples were filled, there were tongues of fire. And I think there’s something to that symbol. Fire consumes what it touches. Wood can’t be wood again once burned. It is something new. When God consumes our lives, we cannot be the old creation any more, we’ve been made new.

Abraham believed and it was counted righteousness (Genesis 15, Galatians 3, Romans 4, James 2). Abraham committed a lot of sins, truly he didn’t even trust God to give him a child through Sarah, yet God counted him among the righteous because of his faith. There’s something more to belief, that has to be permanent in my opinion.

So now you get the chance to defend your stance. (use the submission page, you won’t be length limited http://www.iwilltrustinyou.org/submit)



When I am afraid, I put my trust in you.
— Psalm 56:3 (via delta-breezes)

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Words could never say the way He says my name
He calls me lovely.
No one ever sees the way, He looks at me
He sees me holy.
Words could never hold, This love that burns my soul
Heaven holds me.
— Kim Walker, Sing My Love  (via littlethingsaboutgod)

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There is no neutrality with Christ. It’s all or nothing.

If you are Christians, be consistent. Be Christians out and out - Christians every hour, in every part. Beware …
of half-hearted discipleship,
of compromise with evil,
of conformity to the world,
of trying to serve two masters,
of trying to walk in two ways, the narrow and the broad, at once.
It will not do.

Horatius Bonar (via thewordofthelivinggod)

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Your life is beautiful, and to live it, you only need to do this: trust Jesus and His love for you. Live simply by living loved. Don’t let your fear of the future, fear of paying bills, fear of not getting what you want, or any kind of fear distract you from God’s faithfulness. Don’t let these worries and impending challenges distort the wholeness and holiness and beauty of Jesus. He is who He is and your situation do not change that. He is still good, holy, merciful, gracious, generous and outrageously in love with you, beloved.
— Pam Carbungco, Big Reminders
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